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Maykel Loomans
Posted Sep 09 - Read on Facebook

Would it be an idea to start some kind of external wiki / docs, where we document all of the tools built on top of framer?


Thomas Aylott

I recommend using a tag on top of Bower or The world doesn't need Yet Another Place To Get The Things.

Maykel Loomans

^ No idea what that means.

Thomas Aylott
Thomas Aylott
Maykel Loomans

Is there anything that would be more accessible to n00b designers?

Thomas Aylott

I don't know of anything. MooTools has a nice online downloading thing that packages up a custom build of only what you need, but I don't think anyone else has anything like that anymore.

Aaron Carámbula


Maykel Loomans

I'm not talking about packaging it up, more about creating some docs that make people less scared of using it.


# Component

Does crazy shit X!

Example Code:


# Component 2

Does crazy shit Y!

Example Code: ...

Maykel Loomans

The reason I say this is because all of your code is beautiful Thomas, but when I looked at it with fresh eyes I was like O_O. So I wonder if we can just hide the craziness, and show the application of it.

Aaron Carámbula

1. via github: Extend Koen's lessons and include snippets in the docs
2. Github: Extend framer officially or contribute plugins
3. An internal hosted js file to include in new projects for all our beautiful Thomas extensions

Thomas Aylott

Oh sure, absolutely. I'm planning on cleaning up the experience quite a bit for FB folks at lease. The workflow should be no more complicated than using the Framer app. I hope to share more about that next week.

Koen Bok

I think Thomas suggestion bower could be cool. It looks technical but in practice it comes down to:

- Textmate > New > MyProject/index.html
- Terminal > cd MyProject > bower install framer framer-aylott-everything

Aaron Carámbula

Ideally this would be something to click in the framer app. or a URL to point to (include or something. That's something I could teach n00bs.

Thomas Aylott exists. We should use it

Aaron Carámbula

I could use a simple way to integrate this new stuff, whatever it is let me know. I'd like to use layer-name based behaviors but its easier still to reuse old code.

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