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Yap Kwang Yik
Posted Mar 13 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to use PageComponent.wrap(content) to wrap elements that I create in Design tab. But once I scroll to second card, it can't be scroll to the 3rd card, even 1st card I also can't scroll back.

scroll = PageComponent.wrap(sections)
I also notice that in the Code tab, it didn't show "scroll" in the layer...instead it shows PageComponent as a layer name...

I didn't use "new PageComponent" because my cards contain a lot of design and it is easy to design that in Design tab instead of creating the card with the code.

Is there any code that I've missed?


Niels van Hoorn

PageComponent doesn't support `.wrap`, you're using the inherited function from ScrollComponent that doesn't have the desired effect.

Niels van Hoorn

Here's a version with that works like you intended:

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