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Kamaljeet Dhiman
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

Hey fellas! I see that there is no way to officially record a video of prototypes. I tried using Quicktime but it is too jittery, even on my maxed-out 2017 Macbook Pro. Any advice on how I can achieve smooth video?


Davo Galavotti

1. Record with KAP.
2. Export to Gif with GIF Brewery.

Raveesh Bhalla

I personally record with Screenflow on my Mac (bonus: you can turn on keyboard listeners to shows what shortcuts people are being used). Pricey, but one of the best out there -

On Android, a bit of self-promo: I built out Obsrv where you can record a user's screen and voice as they play with your prototype -

Patrik Molnar

GYPHY also has a recorder.. I use that a lot, and it's really simple to use.

Josh Peters

You can enable Screen Recording in iOS 11 from Control Center and record on the iPhone natively.

Not sure what you mean about Quicktime on the Mac. Have a regular old two year old MacBook Pro and it works fine.

Jesse Martin

Here's a free one to check out.

Tiffany Kosa

Screenflow for me too. It’s worth the money.

Heni Amundsen

Free and Opensource with webm support.
Kap - Capture your screen

Monika María

Camtasia also works great!

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