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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Feb 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi all - having trouble w/ Framer here. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a simple object (testing Framer w/ Elastic Search). When I print out the object, my neighborhoods print as undefined. While this may seem trivial, I legit spent hours debugging this, as I trusted the console and thought I was getting a bad http response at the time (turns out I wasn't, but on the plus side I learned a lot about the Framer console).

The culprit of this bad print seems to be "offset" and "length" in my object. When I comment out those two lines, the print statement works as you would expect.

Would love to know why this is the case. It might not even be a Framer problem - could be a coffeescript issue. Regardless, thought I'd bring it to the community. Link attached below:


Aalok Trivedi

could it be that 'offset' and 'length' are inherent coffescript/js methods/syntax so it conflicts with those?

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