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Marc Krenn
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Just a simple, yet handy method to make a Layer look at a given point.


Marc Krenn

Marc Krenn

Doesn't work on mobile using that ev. D'oh!

Jason Valalik

can you explain what's happening here? I'm trying to adjust the lines center point based on a design I have and it's all greek to me.

svg: "<svg><line x1='#{Screen.width / 2}' y1='#{Screen.height / 2}' x2='#{Screen.width / 2}' y2='#{Screen.height / 2}'style='stroke-linecap:round' />"

Dennis Søberg Vinther

Nice example, im trying to do something similar but with a wheel that the user can turn and then switch between some images in 4 placeholders. it should have some "fixed" stops for example months (12 fixed stops)

Do you have any idea of how to make that ?
See static animation prototype here:

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work!!!

Raúl Cast

Nice dude!!

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