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Yoann Lopez
Posted Feb 12 - Read on Facebook


I joined this group a few months ago to learn more about framer but I never had the time to actually train myself very well.

I'll eventually do it but in the meantime I need your help.

I'm looking for a freelancer who could design a framer mockup based on an existing product.

We want to use this framer working prototype on the product web page (embedded).

Do you happen to know anyone that could work with me on this topic?


Jason Valalik

How complex is it?

Yasin Arık

If you can reach me out with some details, I can say if the project is beyond me or not.

Cordova Putra Handri Ansyah

Feel free to hit me ( for your project

Jordan Robert Dobson

I know a few people that could help you out. Message me. 🙂

Yasin Arık

Cordova Putra Handri Ansyah , Jordan Robert Dobson and Sergey Voronov

This guys are more than enough for whatever you ask as I know. If not yet, you should contact with them :)

Julian Fleck

I remember Koen mentioning quite some time ago about how they were thinking of setting up some kind of Framer related job marketplace or something? I don't really remember the specifics, but I think he shut down a post from somebody looking to hire somebody and concluded with a nebulous “there's something in the making”. Does anyone know if that's the case (or ever was)? Also asking because I might need brainpower to help out with a project, too, soon :)

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