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Pawel Kontek
Posted Jan 15 - Read on Facebook

Hi, is there a way to manipulate the order of imported layers from Sketch vs. layers created in design space or in code? The *layer.bringToFront()* doesn't work and the imported content from Sketch seems to be always on top of everything.


Jordan Robert Dobson

You probably need to make sure you’re at the correct level. Because it will only rise to the front of the parent it is in.

Pawel Kontek

The case is simple:
1. I have imported elements from Sketch.
2. I have an element created in design tab.
How to render an element from design tab on the top of the ones imported from Sketch?

The *layer.bringToFront()* and *layer.index* only work for the layers in the relation to layers that are created in the same way (eg I can manipulate the order between layers in design tab or the imported ones. I can't change the order between one layer from design tab and the one that is imported).

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