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Adam Mazurick
Posted Jan 15 - Read on Facebook

I am really excited to share a journey with you that took 6 months to complete.

Framer was essential for 3DUX and 3DUI, Experience Prototyping and rapid iterative prototyping and evaluation (RITE). All prototypes were done entirely within Framer. Words cannot express how much your vector tools helped.

This journey would be a life-changing learning experience that would involve working directly with the Leadership at Mira Labs in Los Angeles, consulting with my friend and supervising Professor Dr. James Oliver from ISU and analog prototyping with Matt Stern while travelling through the Yucatan Jungle doing ethnographic studies. Thank you to the Mira Team, ISU, Apple and the awesome team at Framer for access to your (then) Beta tools.

Please check out the medium article. If you feel like you would benefit from a follow-up tutorial on exactly how we used Framer, I can do that too.

GIT Repo this week

Alter Light promo video this week


Lukas Guschlbauer

Give this man his job at Apple already...

Langston Richardson

Great work Adam.

Jorn van Dijk

Super cool.

Adam Mazurick

Jorn van Dijk Langston Richardson Lukas Guschlbauer Thank you.

James McKay

A follow-up article would definitely be cool! ❤️

Jonathan Dury

Wow awesome! Can't wait to see more about this! I'm blown away man

German Bauer

Same here would love to see a follow-up on how you used Framer to accomplish all this. Very inspiring!

Adam Mazurick

Thanks guys. I promise I'm working on one. In the meanwhile, here's our early down-and-dirty demo vid of the experience.

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