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Herje Wu
Posted Jan 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi. I've looked on the web and in the Tes Mat Framer-book but I fail to find information on how exactly you're supposed to reference layers if you've imported a project from Sketch. I wish it was as simple as sketch.parent.child.childofchild.etc but obviously that's not the case. Do you know of any documentation that could help me here please? I need something from the ground up on this. Thanks / Herje


Herje Wu

Thank you. I've seen that too but I'm wondering if there's a general "default" way of doing it instead of the trick with Utils.globalLayers(), even though I will probably use that too. Thanks / H

Ian McClure

You should be able to call the layers as a property of the sketch import without the Utils call.
The default way is everything being a property of the import. Make sure you check letter case.

mySketchFile = Framer.Importer.load(“file”)


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