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Michael McKain
Posted Jan 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey all,
I'm having two issues with a scrollComponent wrapped on an existing layer.

These two list-menus in the photos scroll horizontally and the lower menu continues to get cut off in code. The upper menu is fine. I've messed with the pins, frame size, position, everything I can think of but it either ends up in the wrong position or cut off somehow. Is this a glitch with using the Scroll Comp on an existing layer? There is a lack of documentation on using components with existing layers.

Secondly, is there a way to make onTap or onClick disable if the menu is being dragged/scrolled? If I drag the menu from the clickable menu option, it will end up flowing to the next screen. This happens on mobile and desktop and I am trying to avoid that.

Thanks so much!


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Michael, welcome to the Framer Community! Nested scroll components are always a bit fiddly, but what you want is possible. Is it possible to share your file (via Framer Cloud for example) so I can take a closer look? Here’s a very basic example of how to block clicks when scrolling:

Michael McKain

I was able to solve the scroll component issue, but it is by no means clean code and i basically just fiddled with the scroll layer's y positioning until it was about accurate. I believe it is still barely cut off at the top. The click solution worked perfectly, thanks!

Michael McKain

Here is the project

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