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Josh Peters
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

Questions about Flow.transition

I started with the Docs example and have tried to modify it for my own needs. When I modify the name of the transition states from (layerA, layerB) to (one, two), the transition animations will not work. The layers seem to reorder, but then the whole proto flakes out.

If I change nothing in scaleTransition() it works fine.

Insight? The state names aren't looking for anything specific, so why does layerA, layerB, seem to be the default?

Basic prototype for reference/modifying:


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Josh, as you might suspect, the `layerA`, `layerB` names *are* used internally, the transition is an object and those are the keys that are used to look up the animation for each layer. They refer not to specific layers, but in (forward) animations layerA will be the current layer and layerB will be the incoming one.

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