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CJ Gabriel
Posted Jan 10 - Read on Facebook


I'm a newbie to Framer and have been looking to learn for quite some time now. Besides the resources provided by Framer, is their any other resources I should be aware of pertaining to learning as a beginner?

I've recently just purchased the Udemy course on Interactive Prototypes with Framer so I'll probably just start there. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Denis Lesak

You can also check out Pablo Stanley's Framer Crash Course

Josh Peters
is a good reference. Many sources of info are not as useful as looking at others projects and dissecting and reusing that knowledge. Once you get some steam the formal documentation starts to make more sense

CJ Gabriel

Denis Lesak Josh Peters Thanks guys! Appreciate the help

Yeah I'm just looking for some base knowledge to start off with so having these references is awesome.

Josef Richter

The official documentation on the Framer website is pretty good. Don’t overdo it 🙂

Chris Slowik

Our intro courses are free and should help you get your feet wet! Intros are available on framer website but we’re adding new stuff all the time

Cordova Putra Handri Ansyah

My suggestion is to start with basics on Framer's official website first to firm your grip to the software ecosystem. Later, you can explore to any mediums, and here I have several recommendation :

1. Pablo Stanley's Tutorial on Framer Official Website and his channel known as 'Sketch Together'.

2. Designers How. They're good in implementing basics stuffs to build something amazing and unique.

3. My tutorial, which helps you to know further about ''What Can I Do More with Framer". Feel free to check the playlist :

Moreover, you can use the advantage of online forums and articles, such as Medium, Stackoverflow, and Github. Usually, those forums posted broader range of tutorials : Really Basic to Advance. But, in my opinion, the highest point of learning Framer is when you are able to help others to build better UI and UX for your client.

By the way, I share my tutorials here on this group on daily basis since early December 2017. Feel free to check them out, hope it helps.

Andrew Liebchen

Take a intro to JavaScript course, if you haven’t written code before. There are plenty of good, free classes out there!

Adam T. Rodriguez

There's a ton of medium articles with simple hacks and cheats as well

CJ Gabriel

Thanks everyone! Excited to embark on this Framer journey 😀

Joshua Miller
Edgard Kozlowski helped me to start =)

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