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Jonny Howle
Posted Jan 06 - Read on Facebook

Can anyone help me by trying to open this prototype in Framer Preview ? This is my first time using Framer and when I use Framer Preview (both from tethering over wifi or opening a framer cloud link) my prototype is simply a white screen. It is just a static design at this point. No code applied.


Ian McClure

Works fine for me and as far as I can tell, it is because I do not have the font you are using so Framer and my computer are falling back to system fonts.
When I change fonts to something I know isn't on iOS, I get the white screen. As to why it isn't working in Framer Cloud, I can't say.

If this is a prototype for an iOS device here is the list of fonts that are available on iOS—They are also always available on MacOS as well.

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