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Michael Weisert
Posted Jan 10 - Read on Facebook

I'm building a responsive prototype. When I resize, I've noticed that scroll components can't be targeted to resize. Each time I resize I add 'scroll.width = Screen.width', but this doesn't seem to have any effect. The screen cuts off at the original width and won't allow me to expand. Any ideas?


Nic von Dort

Put it into a parent layer and resize the layer....

Michael Weisert

I tried that, but no luck. I have a parent above all called 'all'. On the resize, I change it's width but it doesn't follow. Here is my file:

Aalok Trivedi

scroll components within a flow are targeted by flow.scoll so use flow.scroll.width instead of scroll.width

Michael Weisert

I'm still getting a blank spot to the right when I resize. What I found works is to do 'flow.current.parent.parent.width' and that did it. What's odd is that scroll.children.width did nothing. I'm missing something on how this is all working...

Jordan Robert Dobson

Well you have to make sure you update the size of the flow component and the scroll component and it's content.

If your viewport changes... your flow components needs to match the size of the viewport... so do

flow.size = Screen.size
flow.scroll?.size = flow.size
flow.scroll?.content.width = flow.scroll?.width

Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

Nique Woodhouse

Hey Michael Weisert how did it go? I'm kind of facing the same problem. Would be good to know if this worked for you/if I could see the prototype to see how it works? Thanks

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