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Neil Everette
Posted Jan 08 - Read on Facebook

Midway through my prototype, my footer disappeared from my Flow Component. The content inset is still at the bottom and shows an empty spot, but I can't seem to get the footer to show up again. Any ideas?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Dude... you are hitting all the good ones!

Jonas - Who worked on this? I've had a similar problem as well in the past but had a deadline and had to just work around it.

Jonas Treub

Koen Bok created the FlowComponent.

Neil Everette

Is there a temporary fix that I can use? I'm trying to add my footer frame as a child of Flow, and set y property to the bottom of the page, but I'm getting something wrong. footer.parent = flow, or footer.parent = flow.content don't seem to work for me.

Alan Museljic

Wonder why does everything looks so blurry in chrome? Just started using framer, I find it great and straight forward for fast prototyping but the exports are low quality / blurry. Thought it's my framer setup but now I see that yours and many other prototypes I've seen so far are also blurry at my end. I normally prototype in react. Framer is much faster but if exports are so bad it's unprofessional IMO. No way I can send this to my client. :(

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