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Neil Everette
Posted Jan 05 - Read on Facebook

I've been having an issue with Framer studio where the UI will suddenly disappear, and only reappears once you zoom out to 10%. This happens on multiple macs in our office.

Attached is a video to demonstrate.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I get this some times too. I could never duplicate it though. Glad you caught it. cc/ Koen & Jorn

Neil Everette

I usually get it when I drag a layer in Design mode

Jorn van Dijk

That’s not good. Never seen this before. Is there any way to reliably reproduce?

Adhithya R Kumar

Happens a lot actually. What I do is zoom out completely and zoom back in.

Neil Everette

It happens frequently to me when dragging a layer or a framer around. I can reproduce this on multiple devices in our studio. Seems to happen 1 in 10 drag events.

Jorn van Dijk

We’re trying to reproduce here but are having a hard time. Can you maybe send your file to support so we can investigate further?

Neil Everette

Its not exclusive to this project. This bug happens on all projects and on multiple laptops in our office.

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