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Joseph Brick
Posted Jan 04 - Read on Facebook


I'm playing with force touch (onForceTapChange, etc.), modifying a sample from the Framer Book, and it works like a champ when in Framer preview (using my Mac's trackpad). But the cloud version doesn't respond to any of the ForceTap messages using the same trackpad.

Any ideas?


Yasin Arık

It gets bigger when touch with a larger area of my thumb. If its the purpose, I can confirm it works on my android device.

I wasn't aware of that. So, a simple question for you, how can I make this more stable? I mean the value changes very fast (which is very good indeed) but I might use this event more smoothly to change properties.

Joseph Brick

Hi! Yes, force touch is not well supported on Android, at least not on my Pixel. It's there, but it goes from like 20% to 113% (?) with no stage in between.

It's smooth as glass on my Mac trackpad, as I imagine it is on IOS devices. I think this is the kind of thing that you'd use only after checking what kind of device you're on.

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