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Laura Leonard
Posted Jan 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I'm a beginner so apologies in advance if I sound silly.

I'm following the Framer intro course and I'm on the images and effects video. I can't see how to clip the album artwork to a rectangle as the demo shows, but I understand that's in an older version than what I'm using (v108).

I've tried a frame/shape in case that makes a difference, can anyone advise please? Also the images I drag in are blank for some reason. Is this because I'm on a trial?


Jonas Treub

Frames have a clip property that is exposed in the context menu. Right click a frame and choose clip.

Jonas Treub

The images shouldn’t be blank. What type of images are you using?

Laura Leonard

I tried a png and jpg but it's ok now I've closed and reopened Framer. Thanks.

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