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Julian Manuel Varanda
Posted Jan 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, quick question. How do I enable mouse scrolling on scroll components?

Here is my code referenced from Components snippet:
# Variables
rows = 16
gutter = 10
rowHeight = 200

scroll = new ScrollComponent
size: Screen.size
scrollHorizontal: false

scroll.content.mouseWheelEnabled = true

# Loop to create row layers
for index in [0...rows]

cell = new Layer
width: Screen.width
height: rowHeight
y: index * (rowHeight + gutter)
parent: scroll.content
backgroundColor: "#00AAFF"
hueRotate: index * 10

Even with "scroll.content.mouseWheelEnablced = true" I still can't get mouse scroll to work.. Am I missing something?



Joseph Brick

Hi! The docs refer to scroll.mouseWheelEnabled rather than scroll.content.mouseWheelEnabled

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