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Trần Thanh Vũ
Posted Jan 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi framer! I have a problem when using Touch event function.

I test with this simple code:
Apple_iPhone_8_Plus.onTouchStart (event, layer) ->
print event

On framer studio, its show: » <MouseEvent {isTrusted:true, point:{x:3.238276163736979, y:439.3815104166667}, contextPoint:{x:3.238276163736979, y:439.3815104166667}}>

While on Frame Preview app (iOS) it shows only: {isTrusted:true}>

So I cannot access event.point on Framer Preview. All of my code which use event.point.x or event.point.y are useless.
Does anyone know how to deal with it? Thank you very much.


Ian McClure

Try event.x and event.y instead of event.point

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