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Victoria Koval
Posted Jan 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, I need your advice! how do you upload your animation from framer to dribble for example? I totally cant figure out it... I would be really appreciated =)


Dennis Schmidt

I always did a screen recording with LiceCAP. It's a bit tedious but there was no other way so far. Haven't checked if anything changed with the new version though.

Heni Amundsen

Victoria Koval one the best programms to animate your showcases for dribble is probably

Sergio Zn

I usually use this simple yet powerful gif maker for mac

Stephen Crowley

I use GifBrewery. Reshape your window in Framer and adjust the GifBrewery overlay to be the desired size, record and change the settings to adjust quality.

Victoria Koval

Thank you so much!! I’ll try it and I hope to find the maximum painless process 🙂

Camilo Sanchez

Hi Victoria Koval I used this tutorial to do just that: The file size of output gif is smaller and with better quality doing this approach. What I do is record screen with quicktime and then process the video using ffmpeg. You can even scale the gif with `scale=800:600:-1`

Aaron Benjamin

I use Quicktime to make a .mov recording, then I crop and optimize the recording in Photoshop before exporting it as a .gif. Nixing the extra frames and putting in pauses gives you a lot of control and really cuts down on file-size.

Ahmet Bekteş
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