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Chris Wang
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

If I drag an image to design tab and then remove it, the image is still in the design folder, will it get loaded when the prototype loads? (I want to maximize load performance for large prototypes)


Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Chris! Yes, it will contribute to the file size. If it is no longer used, you can safely remove it from the design folder.

Jonas Treub

It will only contribute to the file size when downloading the design. When viewing the prototype only the images that are used are loaded.

Chris Wang

Benjamin Den Boer, Jonas Treub I've been having problem with images not rendering in browser, I'm directly hosting the prototypes on my server, could you help me out? I think it's related to missing file name extensions because I tried manually adding file extension in the vekter file and it worked.

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