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Yasin Arık
Posted Jan 04 - Read on Facebook

SOLVED: It's pretty basic by using a "directionLock = true" property.

Hi fam!
I have been enjoying Framer trial for a few days, thankfully :) I asked about if it is possible to run Framer on a "H*ckintosh"

Answer is, yes it runs flawlessly but it took a week to build and successfully run macOS ( 10.13.2 17C88) and I was about to freak out. (PS: I'm ashamed for pirating but in the end, depending on the result of my project, I will certainly buy a MacBook. It is a win-win situation for both me and Apple.)

As I searched many articles on Medium, videos and resources before I started using Framer, I was able to do a very good start.

I am currently trying to create an Instagram copy. I don't want to use any manual implements. In other words, I want my prototype to be based on generation with code.

Even making a reproductive and real data populated (JSON etc.) copy of the main feed tab in Instagram is enough for me. I will share the results and contribute to our active and helpful community.

My question is:

So, I can create pageComponents in a scrollCompenent as we scroll through posts in Instagram feed, using "for loop".

And pageCompenent is used for multiple photos in a post. The problem is when we change the pages in Instagram to see other photos in a post, Instagram feed stops scrolling and vice versa. When we scroll through posts, Instagram detects it and stop changing pages.

I tried using "if" statements but couldn't make it work. How can I do it?


Karina Kozinsky

Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear that it's possible, I tried to run Framer on VM +High Sierra and had awful graphic glitches. Can you give some details in your process pls!?
On your question- if you mean you want your feed stop scrolling vertically when you scroll horizontally, there's a direction lock method

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