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Krijn Rijshouwer
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! Just shared this colorful static book store design we used in last weeks design release (also included the file).

I’m also going to give away 8 Dribbble invites. Have a chance to get one by sharing your own designs that are made with Framer in the comments below!


Murilo Marks Hennemann

Really loved the design of it.

Danmark Arqueza

Here's something I've made using Framer. I'm actually new to framer but i'm already loving it.

Seung Youn Lee

Thanks for sharing !
Can you check out my design? I just started Framer.
and I want you to invite me to Dribbble ;)

Matthew Mang

Would love to get an invite. Here's something I made in Framer that marries code view and design view together. It's a digital magazine of great places in Iceland. If you scroll up from the cover, there is also an interactive map that shows the location of each place.

Stan Tan

Have been using Framer to build and demo features. Here's one about attaching credit card as new payment method! :)

Framer link:



Quinnie Chen

I just started to use framer, this is a practice ;)

Denis Lesak

I have been using Framer quite a bit over the past 6 months at Ticketmaster. This is something I whipped that uses the new path animation feature -

Denis Lesak

Here is a recent example that showcases more UI chops -

Thomas Ott

I‘m in love with that design ❤️

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