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Jonas Treub
Posted Jan 14 - Read on Facebook


Today we’re proud to unveil vector editing, fully integrated into Framer.

From Frames, Vectors and SVGs to Handoff, the entire tool was made as a true labor of love by our team. With this new design feature set and our prototyping interface, Framer is now the only tool you need to create everything from detailed icons to high-fidelity interactions.

Update to v107 to check it out and be sure to drop us a comment with any feedback —


Stephen Crowley

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Congrats team!

Ian Tremblay

Looks awesome! I'll go buy a Mac so I can use it...

Joshua Miller

Paul Kooi

I seem to be running into some major bugs / usability issues.
None of the parenting seems to be working as it used to. Checked the docs and they say it still should happen? Nothing automatic and I can't manually drag items in the layer panel ( design tab ) to create parent child relationships?
Also alignment control ( pin and simulation ) seems to be missing on all elements other than to create a frame within a frame. This is of course super super annoying. How is one supposed to handle this?
Also no way (seemingly) to edit the shape of text. :(
Don't want to be a jerk. Enjoy using Framer but this is no bueno.

Nick Andrews

I hope Framer comes out with a windows version soon. Especially with the release of Invision Studio coming next month, its windows + mac compatibility combined with its built in animation engine is going to be huge

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Nice work! Quick question: is there any way to convert a stroke to outlines? I always convert strokes to outlines for production SVGs of icon sets, but can't find it anywhere. Not to nitpick on launch day :)

Ash Adamson

The question is, when do we get animatable vectors? :D Great job guys!

Aalok Trivedi

Very cool. Three things:
1.) Is there a way to automatically (keyboard shortcut?) resize the parent frame to the content width/height when you change the content around? Manually doing it is a pain since the frame doesn't snap to the content when you drag/resize.

2.) Please prioritize guides, rulers, and grids next! And snapping to grid, pixels, points!

3.)Please allow copy/pasting vectors from Illustrator/Sketch. I don't think you should force the user to use your vector tools if they don't want to.


Ahmet Bekteş


Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

As a side note, since Handoff is mentioned in the post – am I the only one who has never quite figured out what exactly Handoff is? Is it "just" that animations can be defined using similar properties as other animation libraries? I remember seeing once that you should right click on an animation in code to copy iOS/FB Pop/etc compatible code, but never seemed to find that feature myself. Maybe I'm blind/stupid/both?

Arturo Goicochea

I saw we can now group things :) Tried in an old file and could only group new elements in said (old) file. Is grouping not working unless it's a fresh file or something?

Aalok Trivedi

Also, not digging this new Frames layout system. May I ask why you felt this is a better system than before? Now I have to put every single layer in a frame to get constraint options? If I need to resize a layer I need to now resize the actual layer AND the frame separately? I think there should be a checkbox option on the frame that adjusts/resizes the content with the frame? Just spitballing

Shota Pangilinan

Is there a way to convert type/strokes into outlines?

Eric Puigmarti

Jonas Treub how can you target and animate a path in code that's built in the design editor?

Chris Wang

This update is lit!!! 🔥 I was going to ask for a way to automatically add a bounding layer for a group of layers, and there it is, 'Add Frame"

Tiffany Kosa

Davit Smehlik

Hey, good job! Is here someone who could compare this new version with Figma and the new Invision Studio by chance?

louie solomon

Is there a way to create an anchor point with mirrored (parallel) handles that are different lengths without going into "disconnected handles" mode?

Jason Ziccardi

This is cool, but realistically is not something I expect to use. My whole team uses Sketch and there's a whole ecosystem of apps and integrations we use for it. It would take quite a bit to force a switch. What I would LOVE is better Sketch integration, i.e. importing vectors and not raster images. Personally, that would ratchet up my Framer usage and make the program significantly more valuable to me.

Kit Rod

Can we have more in-depth tutorials on how to use the coding side of framer please... I've found some but they are way too basic.

Langston Richardson

I hear the comments about Sketch integration. But remember those other tools like Photoshop were once considered untouchable too.

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