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Fiona Rolander
Posted Dec 20 - Read on Facebook

I've spent a bunch of time trying to understand why I can't target my flowComponent's scrollComponent. Is something broken? I get TypeError: undefined is not an object.


Jakob Nanneson

Reserved word maybe?

Jesse Martin

Everything looks correct. Created an identical version and it all works. Can you upload the prototype? I'm guessing the issue is related to intro, statusBar or homeNav?

Joseph Reni

I think the scroll of the flow component isn't created until the flow(page) is loaded. So it barks at you. a couple of options
1. add it to the tap event (like Andreas did)
2. Continuing on that idea. Create a homePage function that loads the page and sets the scroll properties, then just call the homePage function on tap (that seems a little cleaner as you may be doing this a bit.)
3. forget the automagic junk and manually put in a scroll component. I would prob do 2 or 3.

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