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Posted Dec 16 - Read on Facebook

Can I use framer create a real website? Do somethings like connect with data base and use the data in the data base?


Gracjan Złotucha

Unfortunately not, Framer is prototyping tool, it isn't producing production ready code. - U can try use this ;) It will work better in terms of creating website

Alan Travis

I was about to comment what Andy steward already did...

You can prototype with real data. Since framer at its root is html and javascript you can do all the things...

Http requests to get data is just one of the many.

Gracjan Złotucha is right as well, that framer is not production ready. The DOM is incredibly heavy with framer layers...


Yes you can prototype with real data, making API calls to a db, and more.

Yasin Arık

BTW, If only Framer can compile final apps, I would pay tripple or even x5 of it's price.

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