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German Bauer
Posted Dec 16 - Read on Facebook

Framer prototype projected onto a VR surface - is this possible?

If not I want to add this to my wishlist for this or future Xmas! I'd like to project a Framer prototype onto a mesh surface which essentially becomes my base layer using u,v coordinates for placement - using WebVR or similar. This would solve my current 90% case of simple UIs in VR. Thanks.


Chema Mateo

Have you tried this?:
“Comprehensive guide to prototyping VR in Framer” @a_soapy

Mike Feldstein

Do you just want framer on a quad in 3d space? It might actually be easier to do it in unity with a webview if so.

If you want to use webgl I found this which looks like a path to integrating framer content into webgl but it looks not trivial

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