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Adam Whitcroft
Posted Dec 15 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone! Just a quick question really - returning to Framer after a bit of a break and I can't for the life of me figure out how to set the backgroundColour of a PageComponent to transparent.

I've tried:

myPage = new PageComponent
backgroundColor: "transparent"

myPage.backgroundColor = "transparent"

myPage.backgroundColor = transparent

No luck.


Nic von Dort



Aalok Trivedi

It should become transparent once you put content in it

Andy Steward

You could use "rbga (255,255,255,0) the 3 colour flags and the 0 is opacity.

Aalok Trivedi

Ah it's the content. Do page.content.backgroundColor = null

Joshua Miller

As Aalok Trivedi pointed out, I think this is the trickiest part of the pageComp! Drove me nuts the other day accessing content inside it, but one of the fundamental differences between it and the flow component.

Anton Ward

I think I was in the same situation about a month ago. Part of the frustration came from the docs being very out of date.

Adam Whitcroft

Thanks Aalok Trivedi, that did it!

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