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Lachezar Petkov Petkov
Posted Dec 14 - Read on Facebook

Now that Framer will have nearly all functionality I need, practically the only thing that'd keep me from switching 100% is that we use Zeplin very extensively at my company for specs and management. Is a Zeplin integration even possible considering Framer isn't a tool for just static mockups? Is there any news on this that I've missed?



Jordan Robert Dobson

There is a tool similar to Zeplin that was recently released for Framer. I can’t recall what it is though. Arg.

Ciaran Madigan

I haven't tried this in a production environment, love to hear how you get on with it

Lachezar Petkov Petkov

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. This doesn't really replace Zeplin though since it doesn't have any management tools. And besides, some people at work use Sketch and Photoshop. I'll ask the Zeplin support team whether they plan on doing anything

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