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Théo Lebert
Posted Dec 15 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,

I'm trying to animate a toggle button. On the "on" state, the icon on the button has a looped scale animation from 1 to 1.2 and the color changes from black to blue. On the "off" state, the looped animation stopped and the icon get back to its original scale (1) and its original color (black).

I have set a 'new Animation' to create this looped animation because you can't set it on the animationOptions of a state (right?).
But I did not figure out how to link my 'new Animation' with the "on" state.

Does someone can help me ?



Nic von Dort

On the framer website you can download 2 sets (fiber, voyage). You will find a toggle, checkmark and radio buttons there... Guess this will help you :)

Roma Klyukin

I guess there is no ON state for Animation object. You can create another Animation object for OFF and use onAnimationEnds event.

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