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Joe Monahan
Posted Dec 13 - Read on Facebook

Why would layers disappear when dragging a layer underneath them? Here's the scenario: I have a base image which you can drag and pinch/zoom. On click I add little circles (new layers created in the code) at the point of the click. This works fine. When I drag the base image, the circles move with it as expected, but sometimes they disappear. If I click a new spot (creating a new circle) all of them come back. Same behavior happens when I pinch/zoom the base image.


Aalok Trivedi

Can you share your project?

Joe Monahan

Hah! Publishing it and testing it in the Framer cloud has it working fine. Looks like it's just an issue in the code's demo screen (not sure the terminology as I'm new). But in any case, publishing and testing it there works great.

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