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Syeda Benazir Burhan
Posted Dec 12 - Read on Facebook

I created a grid of tiles in the code which is the main screen and each tile leads to the next screen. I want to create these screens in the design tab and then call for flow component to switch between these screens. My question here is can I define the main screen which is created in code and not in design to be the main screen when I call the flow.component for the first time flow.showNext () <- what goes in this bracket? While trying to switch between screens by flow.showNexr () and show.Previous by targetting layers in design, the screen tends to switch but behind the grid. How can I bring it to front (bringtofront() function doesn't seem to work).
P.S: Due to data privacy can't share the code or the screens.


Aalok Trivedi

I would create a layer called mainScreen that has the height and width of the Screen, and then put your grid inside that mainScreen layer. Then you can call that mainScreen layer in the flow

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