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Dave Peacock
Posted Dec 14 - Read on Facebook

relative Framer newb here, hoping for some guidance :)
I've put together a menu concept I'm working on, but I'm having some issues with the flow component, and 'reseting' the menu so that I can reopen it once I cycle back to the first Artboard in the flow component after toggling evenst in the menu. Feedback/guidance/tutorials would be amazing! Thanks!


Joseph Reni

On quick view, it looks like you have competing exit, and menu layers that are overriding eachother. I would have one menu.onClick that cycles between the two states. I can look at it later tonight and provide more details.

Dave Peacock

Thanks Joseph Reni that would be great if you could. I figured this might be the quagmire. I'm unsure how to relate flows to states, or if I can call menu events based on current flow component.

Joshua Miller

the wobbly menu is cool!

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