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Maximilian Bredow
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Solved: See solution in comment

How to preload dynamicly generated content in Firebase-connected prototype?

I have a Tinder-like prototype, connected with a Firebase database. Currently, with each swipe, the old card is destroyed, and a new one is generated with a random profile and image (synced with Firebase). This works ok but sometimes the images take 2 or 3 seconds to load.

How would I proceed to preload these images? I imagine I could generate a card class one swipe in advance and then move it into the screen, replacing the old card. Does my logic sound about right?

How can I ‘rename’ a layer, effectively replacing an older one? How could I preload 2 or more swipes in advance? Are there any existing prototypes that do this kind of preloading dynamicly generated content?



Yasin Arık

Any answer to this question will help me also. Up

Maximilian Bredow

This seems to work. The first time this runs 2 cards are created, of which the second is stored outside of the screen. Each additional time this function runs, newTop is renamed as top and pushed into the screen, and a new newTop created outside the screen

Yasin Arık

Happy to see that you found it. Thanks for sharing.

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