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Calvin Hoenes
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Where can I find the full framer docs?
The docs page doesn't offer this by far.


Aalok Trivedi

Go to the framer GitHub

Shane Harley

I use this one, has everything

Calvin Hoenes

Shane Harley the problem is that it doesn't have everything. There are way more things like the "onChange" event for example and many others that are not included in the doc.

Calvin Hoenes

So I was wondering if there is a full doc somewhere

Shane Harley

I guess maybe it's just out of date

Stephen Crowley

Not that I’m aware but Ive been referencing Framer GitHub. There are a lot of methods and extras that are not presented in the official doc.

Alex Boschmans

Check out the framer book by Tes Mat. Recently updated. You have to buy it though.

Muhammad Athar

Just go in and read the framer sourse files.
I recommend framercasts by Mike Johnson.

Muhammad Athar

Also try dumping every Event to console.log not print. It will open a lot of stuff that goes on under the hood.

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