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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Dec 20 - Read on Facebook

Hey all. Get ready for an all-new, seriously powerful screen design tool. On December 20, you’ll be able to design everything from detailed icons to high-fidelity interactions—all in Framer. Share our teaser on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #FramerTeaser and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free one-year subscription, too.

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Joshua Miller

Patryk Sobczak

Wait a sec, so is Framer competing with Sketch now? :O

Ian Tremblay

What about Windows? ETA?

Aalok Trivedi

I'll stick to illustrator or affinity design, but cool! Good job guys!

Adam T. Rodriguez

Finally! I can't wait!!

Yaron Tamuz

I would also suggest improving the tutorials section and make more accessible both for beginners and intermediate..

Mitchell Bernstein

Can’t wait to switch to Framer full time. Keep it up!

Ryan Barsalou

Pia Nyakairu

Nic von Dort

All really great and nice... The only problem is. In a company that is dominated by windows pcs its hard to share prototypes... Something breaks everytime in chrome, quantum and co. ....just in Safari on a Mac everything is fine. Would be great to find a solution for this issue...

Muhammad Athar

The docs need to be revised I think with more stuff for intermediate users....

Joel Smith

Can we import Sketch files as editable vectors? I don't have time to switch designs tools if it means redrawing my whole design system.

Declan Talbert

Any news on the Windows release of Framer?

Kamaljeet Dhiman

seriously, like after they announced Export, I stopped using Figma. This makes it even better!!

Preston McCauley

This is pretty exciting

Javier Eduardo Treviño

It seems like they are gonna introduce a mind bending pen tool.. and an overall better app

Vlad Mafteiu Scai

what about symbols? :)

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