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Ignas Vasiljevas
Posted Dec 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey all!

Does anyone else have troubles with inertia scroll on the framer app? Overtime I scroll with inertia (scroll fast with my finger, lifting the finger off the screen at the end and expecting the app to continue scrolling out of inertia), the content starts to either jump around or scroll much faster than expected. Here is an example of me trying to scroll down the page multiple times in a row on mobile:

And here is the prototype I'm using (you might need to download it, otherwise it doesn't seem to load data from the API):


Ignas Vasiljevas

On the same note - is there any reason why the API would not be working in framer preview? It works fine inside of the framer app (both desktop and mobile).

Davo Galavotti

Hey Ignas, your code was perfect, the issue it's generated on the browser due a 'https' policy called Mixed Content, that prevents request from from external 'http' protocols.

Davo Galavotti

The solution is pretty simple, just replace 'https://' on every 'http://' call you are making to the contentful API.

Ignas Vasiljevas

Thank you Davo!!! Now I won't need to go around the office and upload the prototype into peoples phones anymore - I can just send out a link :)

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