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Scott Lasak
Posted Dec 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I'm stuck on something.

I'm using the PageComponent and pages with shadows to create a "card carousel". I'm finding that the PageComponent is cutting off the left-most shadow of the first page and the right-most shadow of the last page. I'm guessing the PageComponent.content width is getting defined as the width of the layers and not including the shadow. I've found a "hack" by scaling the pages, but that requires a lot more calculation and work to get the original values to display.

Any ideas? Is there a trick, that I am missing to increase the PageComponent.content width by a few more pixels to show the shadows?

Thank you!


Niels van Hoorn

By default the pagecomponent clips it's contents, adding `pageComp.content.clip = false` will remove the clipping and show the shadows.

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