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Baisampayan Saha
Posted Dec 05 - Read on Facebook

guys need help. I am trying to create ripples on click. Though the code seems fine (working in earlier prototypes) but not working when I am using in a new project.. :(...the layer is not taking up the actual x,y of the click but rather taking a random coordinate


Joseph Reni

I would probably do something like this: because scale seems to be raster and looks terrible.

Alan Travis

Joseph Reni I liked your approach but to me animating the scale of the ripple layer seems more straightforward... I do not claim to have a great design eye... could you help me understand what looks terrible with using scale?


Baisampayan Saha

Thanks guys...though my query was not to write the code elegantly and I agree that using scale is not a good idea. My problem was that the code I had written was not working. A simple restart of my mac solved it....anyways thanks guys for the help....removed the scale option too...

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