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Tes Mat
Posted Dec 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi folks, I just published a ✨ new edition of the Framer book.

It’s priced 🔖 $69 until the 7th (Thursday), after which it’ll be the regular price again ($99).

If you bought the book before: DON’T BUY this edition.
You have a free upgrade anyway. It should be in your Gumroad library. If not: mail me.

If you want to get an idea of the contents:
• There a full chapters list on
• and a few chapters are also published on the Framer blog:

Here’s what new/changed:

• All prototypes updated, many now use Design layers
• DPR Upgrade: all dimensions and positions are now in ‘points.’
• Got rid of ‘classic spring’ curves
• The IF tutorial is now with Design artboards
• CSS shadows no longer needed (only for HTML layers -> example prototype)

• Text Layers
• Flow component
• ‘Design Notes’: Tips for working with Design
• Layer borders (+ border animations)
• Shadow types, multiple shadows (+ multiple shadows animations)
• Gradients (+ animating gradients)
• Range slider
• In Events: Transition events, Value change events
• New spring curve (old one is now ‘classic’)


Joseph Reni

I am a happy customer of this book. It has incredible example files all over the place as well great tips. Well done Tes Mat.

Andras Ketler

I also have this book and it's highly recommended to anyone whos interested about Framer. Tes Mat is there any list about whats been updated? Cheers

Ayman Elafifi

it's a very helpful book with great examples and easy way to understand coffee script as a language, thx Tes Mat

Muhammad Athar

Tes Mat we love you <3

Karan Murthy

Tes Mat Do you have any other work in your life apart from saving our lives?

Gerrit Puddig

Love it! Just brilliant and very helpful!

Arun Kumar Dadhwal

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Roman Bitter

Just bought a copy today. It looks awesome. Thank you. BTW do you, by any chance, have any recommendations for good resources on learning JS programming (advanced functional programming, classes, etc.)?

Cat Xing

Great book,very helpful. but I think it's so much expensive for China students...

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