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Yasin Arık
Posted Dec 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi :) I've been interested in Framer for like 2 months. I want to try it but currently, I don't have an access to a Mac.
So, for this trial purpose, can I use an "hackintosh" system? Can it support Framer? Or will it work as expected?

This is a very big question mark for me. I really want to use Framer but at the same time not that much resources I have. I will invest into both Framer and MacOS accordingly.


Groingrugroin N'Golo

Mat Fô Joe

Chris Slowik

I’ve run Framer on a hackintosh. So yes it works.

Joseph Reni

if you can get macOS to run, framer won't be the hard part.

Martin Hudobivnik

Yeah, but make sure you have SSD and at least 8 GB of ram (better 16) so you'll be able to work, not just wait :D

Joel Smith

It works fine on a hackintosh, just be aware that the newest versions will only run on OSX Sierra or later.

Joel Smith

I'm stuck with frame v102 on el capitan until I get round to upgrading the OS but I don't think I'm missing out on too much.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

you could use the Framer JS library while you save up for your Mac... it's not the same experience but at least is a way to use Framer on Windows

Nick Andrews

Does anyone know if Framer plans on releasing a windows version of Framer studio / Import?

Yasin Arık

Extra Question: Which version of MacOS is a must to use the latest version of Framer (which is v106) and the newer version that will be available at 20th of December? Is it High Sierra?

Karina Kozinsky

Worked fine before the last Mac OS update. V106 needs High Sierra. It's not a problem to update your VM to highSierra, but Safari had terrible graphic glitches and framer preview accordingly at least on my computer

Nicholaus Rowe

Should work just fine.

Muhammad Athar

I started Framer with a Hackintosh but trust me, it's not worth it if you're just wanting to learn. I'd recommend buying a mac instead when you are ready to do it full time as you would go in and out of Sketch as well.

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