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Paul Schouten
Posted Dec 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone! I am thinking of making an interactive screen for an exhibition in Framer (since time is short and I get no developers).

Therefore, it has to run without an internet connection. if possible without Framer and even on a Windows system.

Since I will not be there, this should run smooth without problems. However, when I try to run the index.html file Framer creates, even I can't make it run in Safari or Chrome (latest Firefox works).

So, what do you guys recommend. Is perhaps Framer not the right choice here?

Thanks :)


Jonas Treub

Hi Paul! What browser are you using on Windows? You'll probably have to enable Cross-Origin Requests for Framer prototypes to work using local files.

Paul Schouten

I think I can install any preferred browser and will check before if I can then enable CORS and make it work properly. But then this will be ok right? Thanks Jonas.

Jonas Treub

I think so. But I don't have any Windows machines to try it out.

Paul Schouten

plenty of windows, linux & macs here ;)

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