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Carlos Santiago
Posted Dec 01 - Read on Facebook

Good morning/afternoon! I have two questions;

1- you guys know of any JS course towards designers that you know of? Like animations/interactions and of from a full stack perspective

2- just to confirm; can you write, as of right now, in JS in Framer? When I searched This group, I saw like 50/50 and things like “yes but in this way” and “yes but with thick marks” so on. Maybe it changed recently?


Carlos Santiago

Joe Alfonso? ^

Jordan Robert Dobson

I highly recommend the HTML5 animation book with the Zebra on it. I learned so much from that book.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jordan Robert Dobson

“One of the great things about this book is that many of the concepts apply not only to JavaScript, but to computer animation in general. All you need is support for a drawing surface and a few simple commands, and you can apply these ideas using whatever programming language you want!”

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