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Chris Ramesh
Posted Dec 01 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know how to change the z prop without having it move across the x?

This appears to be an issue when you choose a Phone device setting but appears to work properly (z doesn't move it horizontally) when I select 'Canvas'.


Alan Travis

Following... To hopefully see the answer.

Xin Zhong

you can try set perspective and perspectiveOriginX in it's Parent Layer. yeah parent Layer

Lukas Guschlbauer

Yup, had the same issue last week but just gave up.. πŸ˜…


πŸ˜• did you try

Alan Travis

The parent layer is the screen...

I checked perspective is like 12000 and origin is 0.5 as it should be.

Its something about the device...

Something very odd is that the Device.screen.x and y are NOT 0.

Vladimir Strashkov

Yeah, but on the actual device with Mirror everything working just fine... must be a bug

Jonas Treub

This is the correct behavior. Ill write something up after the weekend to explain how to control the perspective.

Joseph Reni

I had the same issue, when trying to animate x rotation. I don't really think about perspective and so I naturally assume a straight forward perspective. the answer I got helped me fix it.

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