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Callum Nowlan-Dias
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

I have an array of layers.
partials = [notifiction, qu1, qu2, qu3]

how can I give each of the layers in the array an inital state with the opactiy 0?


Aalok Trivedi

For layer in partials
layer.opacity = 0

Callum Nowlan-Dias

thanks so much for replying.
I mean state as in state so would the following work?

For layer in partials
layer.states.initial =
opacity: “0”

Aalok Trivedi

ah ok. same approach. Just use states instead:

for layer in partials
_____layer.states.stateA =
________opacity: 0

Callum Nowlan-Dias

Thanks Aalok Trivedi. great help

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