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Rohan K
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey Emil Widlund! I was looking through your gamepad module and I was wondering if there is anyway to add "keyup" / "keydown" events. I am trying to prototype an interaction that requires an action to be taken when a gamepad key is held down and stop the action when the key is released.
cc: Jordan Robert Dobson (Sorry Jordan, i am just going to cc you on all posts from now on :P )


Emil Widlund

I’m afraid that this isn’t possible in the current version. But I’ll make sure to add that to my backlog 😊

Rohan K

theoretically speaking, how would one go about doing it? i am thinking that if one could watch for changes in the buttonPressed array and emit a keydown event when something is added, and a keyup event when something is removed? does that make sense?

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