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Matt Asanuma
Posted Nov 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys. I just barely entered into this new world of Framer and I'm trying to decipher some of the basic tutorials upon first installation. (Version 105). I have a couple questions:

On the Loading Example, under the "# Progress Bar" section of code where it is animating the loading bar, it has this line: "repeat: 2".

I figured this meant that it would play the animation, then repeat the animation 2 more times (which is how it happens in the preview), but when I change that number to say "50" it still only plays the animation the 3 times.

I wasn't sure if I had to force compile, so I changed a few other variables and those updated fine.

Questions: What does this repeat do/how does it work? if it does what I assume it does why doesn't it play through the animation more in the preview? Finally, does the code always just auto-compile when it senses a change, or do I have to force compile and where would I find that?


Jordan Robert Dobson

It should repeat 50 times. There may be something else booting it out of that repeat process though.

Matt Asanuma

Jordan Robert Dobson - you're right. I figured it out. the next transition just had a delay on it. I'm all cleared up now

Matt Asanuma


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