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René Schiebelhut
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

Quick question as i cannot find a working solution on given examples:

I have a long layer, which i want to be vertically scrollable. Further down the layer I have a child layer (a table for example) which needs to be horizontally scrollable (but only that layer).
Could u give me an example of how this works?


Bhaskar Ravi

Just put each in its own scroll component as you normally would. Remember to turn on directionLock so that you don’t inadvertently scroll the parent layer when scrolling the child!

René Schiebelhut

Bhaskar Ravi Thanks for the example. One More problem now. It nearly works but my hierarchy is different than in the example and i dont understand why, as i use the same code.

At the exmaple the it is flow>scroll> elements.
In my case it does scroll>flow>elemnts. So the scroll area isnt part of the flow component which leads to the problem that my table is stuck to the bottom and doesnt come up with the rest of the content

René Schiebelhut

Nick Hanigan

Ha am
‘Mm Thank you

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