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Tess Gadd
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, I've been on the DL few a while - but all for a good cause, I promise!

My pet project for the last few months has been to build a Material Design inspired components module. This means you will be able to quickly make material components, along with all their interactions, in just a few lines.

it contains:
- Color
- Text Fields (with validation)
- Text Areas
- Text Field Dropdown
- Checkboxes
- Radio Buttons
- Switchs
- Raised Buttons
- Flat Buttons
- FABs
- AppBars

It's still a bit buggy, but hopefully, with your help we can make it better.


Oleksii Pishtar

Thanks a lot!

Ban Nguyen

Wow thank you!

Ban Nguyen

The font is so small when on mobile. I am trying to figure it out why but no luck.

Raje Punsalan

Thank you! I've been trying to make one myself I guess I don't have to anyone! 😊

Yasin Arık

Apple, banana, harry potter, i still don't like bieber :D it was fun to read instructions.

Paul Kooi

Michell Tateoka

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